March 20, 2018. About three weeks after I landed on the island, the fate of a wall facing the house I sleep in nonetheless seems symbolic. Destroyed during the day and tagged with a painting faded by the years, it was initially written "Continuamos Defendiendo la Revolución" (We keep on defending the revolution). On one side, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), giving here its acronym to the slogan; on the other one, some letters of the words that are now forming an irresolvable puzzle on the ground.

Sixty years after Fidel Castro took over, Cubans remains proud of the independence after several centuries of Spanish colonialism and American influence. Nevertheless, a lot of them do not hide their criticisms towards the current government, whose president Raùl Castro, Fidel's brother, will leave next April. Just like the fate of this wall, what's left from the revolution, and how does Cuba, socialist island in the middle of a definitely capitalist ocean, leave?

Along the story of a travel in this fascinating country, I will talk about some of the major differences existing between our western societies and the Cuban society. Let's get back some seventeen days ago, in an incredibly charming capital: Havana.