Abandoned Georgia

From the air, the Georgian countryside seems desolated, abandoned. Ruins dot the plain and, far away, the hills ruling Tbilisi. The capital, where about a third of the population lives, has some of its infrastructures dilapidated too. Surprisingly charming, Tbilisi is also the base to go and visit the superb Caucasian landscapes. The effects of… Continue reading Abandoned Georgia

The other side of North Korea

When the aircraft takes off from the North Korean capital, tourists have this guilty excitement appearing in slightly dangerous situations. The plane, which flew for the first time in the sixties, certainly does not comply with the international security rules. Maybe oxygen masks and life vests stayed in Russia, the country it is from, with… Continue reading The other side of North Korea

Pyongyang or a North Korean showcase

Twenty-four hours after leaving Beijing, high-rise buildings religiously set in the landscape have been replaced by smaller ones, with crumble facades. We are half-way between Sinuiju, where we entered the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, official name of North Korea), and Pyongyang, its capital. The sleeper train, staggering along the empty roads, is carrying… Continue reading Pyongyang or a North Korean showcase

A North-South Cuban journey

If so many stories emerge from Cuban roads, the reason is certainly that we used them to go through the whole country. After hours of walking and some paradisiac beaches, we are heading South. Before Santiago de Cuba, we are going to stop in Cienfuegos, El Nicho, Trinidad and Camagüey. The mercury rises as our… Continue reading A North-South Cuban journey

Women’s day in the Bay of Pigs

After we walked on the burning asphalt of Havana and wandered through the sultry reliefs of Viñales, the same car that took us between these two cities brings us to the beaches of the Bay of Pigs, a bit more South. It is on this fine sand that hundreds of US soldiers heavily failed when… Continue reading Women’s day in the Bay of Pigs

In the Viñales valley

This morning, despite the early hour, the blazing sun is tougher than in Havana. The gulf of Mexico is further from Viñales, and the surrounding karstic relief prevent the wind from reaching us. The valley also draws the landscape so many travellers come for. On our side, our trip from the capital was arranged by… Continue reading In the Viñales valley